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Affirming Anglican Catholicism
The church is the sacrament of the presence of Christ in the world. We are called to embrace the world with Christís generous and transforming love. Our life is invigorated by Christís presence in holy scripture, in the sacramental life of the catholic tradition, in prayer and in our understanding.

Affirming Catholicism is a movement for all members of the church. We invite you to join with us if you are passionate about:
+ The power of a lavish sacramental life.

+ The continuing unfolding of the mystery of Christís incarnation in the midst of the world.

+ The implications of the mystery of God-with-us for justice, mercy and inclusivity.

+ Keeping open a dialogue where differences do not mean exclusion, and where we speak with the reverent love that the Trinity displays as Godís very life.

+ Learning the riches of the Churchís tradition and their astonishing relevance for life today.

Catholic tradition is a living thing rooted in the revelation of Jesus Christ and growing in the experience of the Church.

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We believe:

+ That, in tumultuous times in the world echoed in the church, God is continually speaking and calling us deeper into the paschal mystery as together we die and rise with Christ and serve him in each other and all we meet.

+ That we must stand for a climate in the church of gentle strength and mutual respect for all Godís people and creation.

+ That among the gifts of the catholic tradition is a deep and abiding wisdom about the mystery of intimacy with God and that the world cries out in holy longing for that intimacy.

+ That the Baptismal Covenant, the rule of the life of the church, requires us to respect all persons. We understand that respect to mean that all mistries within the church are open to all the baptised and that the call to leadership within the assembly is dependant on baptism and the recognition of particular gifts for ministry, not on gender or sexual orientation.

We provide:

+ Publications (books and tracts)

+ Regional & national retreats and conferences

+ Quiet days, forums & speakers for local gatherings

+ A place of hospitality and holy listening at official gatherings of the church, such as General Convention and meetings of the Anglican Consultative Council.

Affirming Catholicism is a movement in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion called to witness to the generosity of the Reign of God being made present in our midst through the riches of the catholic tradition in our Church. We believe that God has spoken, is speaking and will continue to speak to the assembled body of Christ in scripture, sacrament, prayer and human experience.

The world-wide Anglican Communion has more members than it has ever had. But as it grows it is inevitably changing Ė with over 70 million members in 164 countries organized into 38 self-governing churches and 500 dioceses. The Holy Spirit impels us in each generation to realize afresh the fullness of Godís Reign. For Anglicans, discerning the Spirit involves being attentive to difference as we seek to respond to the same gospel in very different cultures.

Such a dynamic understanding of Godís revelation in Jesus Christ implies development and change. Affirming Catholics profess that the church is being called to demonstrate a more progressive approach in relation to issues of social justice, the environment, gender and sexuality. But new approaches must stand in the light of gospel truth and the catholic tradition as we have received it.

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